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08 August 2015 @ 10:57 pm
[sticky post] Welcome to Jounetsu_8~  
[Please note we are currently on hiatus]

This is an introduction post for all new Passions! Membership to Jounetsu_8 is currently open, just click the join button!

Who we are
We are two sisters from the Netherlands who started subbing Johnny’s clips in 2011. Check out our introduction post for more personal info about the us. Besides us two, there are currently also several other lovely people helping us out! We named our subbing group Jounetsu_8 because back then there were two teams battling each other in the Shounen Club games, and we were always rooting for the Jounetsu Rainbows. “Jounetsu” means passion, and we have always felt very passionate about our subbing work. That’s also why we decided to call our lovely members the Passions!

What we sub
The focus of our subs has shifted slightly over the years, but right now we sub mostly Kis-My-Ft2 and Johnny’s WEST. We usually sub things like their PVs, makings, concerts and other DVD footage, and some shows they appear on like Shounen Club. On the side we also like to do projects involving other Johnny’s like the Johnny’s Jrs and SMAP.
The projects we take on depend on our personal preference and the amount of comments we get. If a certain project turns out to get a lot of comments or very positive response in any other way, we’ll try to sub more similar things. Sometimes we’ll also use polls to have our Passions decide on our next project! For requests go here (REQUESTS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT), but please keep in mind that we are only a small team and might not be interested or able to sub everything that’s requested. It’s good for us to know what you would like to see subbed though!
For everything we have subbed so far, check the index (part 1: TV shows here, part 2: Official releases & dramas here). For everything we’re planning to sub in the near future, check the to-sub list. For updates on our progress, follow Jounetsu_8 on twitter.

Rules and membership
For security reasons this community is closed, but membership is and will always be completely open! To join this community and get access to the subs, the only thing you need to do is click the “join” button on top of the page. By joining the community you automatically promise to have read and will follow all of our rules, most importantly not to share our subs or links to our subs elsewhere without our permission, especially not to streaming sites! For more information on the rules, read this post.

Other info
If our fonts don’t display properly or you don’t know how to work with split files (.001, .002, etc), check this post.
We usually share both softsubs and hardsubs. They are uploaded mostly to Zippyshare and sometimes MEGA. We try our best to keep all links alive, but mirrors are always very welcome!
Our comment button is called “Do you want to kiss my foot too?” obviously because of Kisumai. Please leave a comment if you take anything!
As a tradition we always share a fun gif at the end of our posts. We don’t always have time to make nice gifs ourselves, so please contact us in any way if you can make us some fun gifs to use!

Remember to always share your passion, dear Passions~!

angel_eleyangel_eley on August 9th, 2015 03:51 pm (UTC)

that'a good to know.. jounetsu means passion...
fits your community :)
thaNks for the info!